For Coloured Girls, When Nudes Are Not Enough

I am having so much fun experimenting with brightly coloured lipsticks. When I was in my late teens to early 20s, I used to pack on alot of make-up, weave and I wore light coloured contacts. I did those things because I thought I needed them to feel pretty. I experienced a shift in mindset around the age of 25, and I began to do things differently. I had already put away the weaves and was wearing my hair natural, but I was still doing the cakes of make-up and coloured contacts. I threw all those things out of the door and made a mental promise to myself not to start using make-up again until I was fully comfortable with how I looked without it. I am now 33. l am happy and comfortable.

 My features never changed, it was all a mental shift. EVERY last one of the features that I hated, are the very same features that I embrace with honest love. My chocolate complexion, cheekbones and ‘nappy’ hair are all spotlighted front and center. With that said, my thick lips were a thorn in my side during puberty. I refused to smile in person or in pictures. Fast forward to now, and I embrace those thick lusciousness to the point that I experiment with alot of bright lipsticks. I now understood that make-up should spotlight what is already there, not create a whole new face. Nowadays I smile brightly and widely without apprehension. Do you know how many women are going under the knife to get my cheekbones and thick lips? Shyttttt!!

Before you think about hiding or changing your features, try embracing them. You do that by loving who you are as a person inwardly. Pretty is subjective while true beauty is a rare thing often confused with physical attractiveness, which is also subjective. Be beautiful from the inside out. Once you do that, your self confidence will remain intact with or without make-up and other embellishments. That is what makes a #prettybadass.



and for those of you that will ask, the colours I am wearing are as follows (starting from clockwise);

Matte Me in Coral by SACHA, Glazed Lip Paint by L.A.Girl, Retro Matte ‘All Fired Up’ B54 by MAC, and smalt 999 by NK Lipstick.


5 thoughts on “For Coloured Girls, When Nudes Are Not Enough

  1. You just have a way to make every shade of lippie you wear look freaking AWESOME! I loooove the blue!
    You have gorgeous lips and even a blind man can see you have mad love for them. #selflovetotheuniverse #blackblackandbeautiful

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