The 2nd CARICOM Conference on Reperations

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of performing at the opening ceremony of the 2nd CARICOM Reparations Conference that was held in Antigua. Myself and Zahra, my creative partner and co-owner of August Rush Productions, performed two original pieces that were in keeping with the subject matter of reparatory justice.

The opening ceremony featured messages and speeches from University of the West Indies Vice Chancellor  and Chairman of the CARICOM Reparations Commission Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, former Jamaican Prime Minister Honourable P. J. Patterson, and Dr. Julius Garvey – the son of Marcus Garvey. There was also a representative from the Ingenious People of Suriname who spoke on their fight for reparations and their stand of solidarity with CARICOM.  Newly appointed Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda and CARICOM head Hon. Gaston Browne also spoke in addition to Assistant Secretary-General of CARICOM Douglas Slater on the importance of the movement across the Caribbean.  Below, I share with you the original piece I penned for the opening ceremony. It is titled ‘REAP’.

photo 4

A displaced understanding of identity

Stolen thoughts and words, names and Gods

I call it REAP


Closed eyes and harden hearts

Prejudices and inhumane circumstances

Embracing Caribbeaness

Disowning Africaness

This is the REAP


A skewed view of responsibility

A coward’s stance against wrong doing

Classed as an unfortunate necessity

Everything spoken

…. Except an apology

Otherness versus authenticness

We are descendants lost in translation……… and transition

Stuck in a past we have yet to fully understand

Enslaved by a future

We struggle to see past the distance of our hands

This is what has been REAPED


To REAP means to harvest

It is the process of gathering mature crops from the field

Centuries of oppression cannot be undone in a day

But the path has been lit to show a clear view of the way

Footprints and dark paths

Mountains and valleys

We reclaim identity

And due respect

And transformative knowledge

And public ownerships

Of who we are

What we are

Collectively we MUST stand






Behold the divine presence

As we refine the redefined

A new fruit shall we bare

Go forth and REAP

*This piece is not to be used without the expressed written consent of the author Linisa S. W. George


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