The Affirmation

I’ve been feeling very powerful lately. I’ve started breathing better. I’ve started being better. Laughing. Talking. Expressing more. Thinking more positively about who I am and what I have to offer. There truly is power in faith. My faith is so strong right now, that I believe the universe is speaking to me. She keeps beckoning me forward, pressing me to speak loudly, clearly and with vigor. I feel beautiful daily. From the juicy tips of lips, to the round softness of my belly. I touch my breasts in admiration and caress my skin in wonderment. Chocolately smooth, dark and smooth, sharp and smooth. How beautiful am I. I close my eyes and squeeze tears that fall, washing my feet as they purify my steps as they hit the ground. Journeying long distances. Seeking home. I am black. I am woman. I am human. I am a goddess. The love that will not go away. I speak honestly. Seeking truth. Facilitating love. I am proud.


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