“Without doubt or hesitancy… if someone ever questions the beauty of our race… I must… (we must)… without a word… simply be able to show true images of ourSelves… naturally… that will silence their curiosity & persuade their paradigms to shift… unapologetically.” –  Sabriya Simon

Let’s talk about beauty, black beauty to be exact. How do you define it? Do you even see beauty in black? Pretty.Period. is a movement that celebrates the beauty of black women just as they are. In our ignorance we refer to black women who we deem pretty as ‘beautiful for a black girl’. Pretty.Period. wants to erase that thought process. The dark skin black woman struggles with the diminished value society attaches to her complexion. I wish this weren’t the case, but until we stop defining beauty as one set of particular physical features, we will continually have to remind our little black daughters that they are just as awesome as the little lighter skinned girls.

“Pretty.Period. is  – a visual tribute to brown skin. A visional testimony of Black beauty. A vision board for healing. “

I’ve been following the Pretty.Period. , which was created by the awesome Dr. Yaba Blay, for nearly two years now. I am even more excited for the publication of the book because the photographer who captured the image above has asked me to pose for her for the project. Sabriya and I are very good friends, and she has photographed me before and I can attest to her strong belief in capturing her subjects just as they are. She believes beauty is to be unearthed, not created. She uses natural light and not Photoshop. I won’t say anymore, but I will encourage you to check out the kaleidoscope of fierceness that is Pretty.Period. by visiting their Facebook page and website. And just to add a little more to your plate, I am sharing with you one of the most beautiful images ever captured of me; I am pictured laughing with my two younger sisters. The image was taken by my creative partner Zahra I Airall of byZIA photography and is the perfect reflection of how I am when I am at the most happiest state of being. This image shows my sisters and I being Pretty.Period.



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