Hey Solange, can I join your team?

I am a huge Solange fan. I love how she has evolved as an artist and I adore her style. So you must understand, how it came to be that I nearly lost my breath when pictures of her recent weddinScreen-shot-2014-11-16-at-8_22_43-PMg began showing up on my social newsfeed and everywhere online. The image above caught my attention the most, because the first thing I thought was holy shit, Solange is a super hero and used her wedding to reveal the other members of her super hero team inclusive of King Bey and electric lady and super android Janelle Monae. I knew it! Fark! Can I be on your team Solo? The wedding pictures for the newly Mrs. Ferguson giveth life. I love the unusual and the creative look. To see Solange take something so simple as all-white outfits, bicycles and solemn faces and transform them into awesomeness totally makes me smile. Sheatttttttttt, I took notes boo, I took notes. Can we also talk about the beautiful afro that adorned the bride’s head like a queen? Solo you win the internets fair and square.



2 thoughts on “Hey Solange, can I join your team?

  1. It goes without saying, Solange looked absolutely regal. I love how she gave herself the freedom of self expression instead of the wedding day circus we see these days.

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