The Truth According To Miss Erykah

When it comes to “Art”, Everyone is definitely entitled to his own opinion. Opinion without a surface understanding is fruitless. However, here’s my fruitless opinion: There are many layers to this thing, “ART”. You can peel back one or you can peel back many. Some choose only one. Sometimes it is easier to resort to the familiar than it is to have to think. I mean, who really wants to be challenged all the time? Hell, sometimes we don’t want to have to think. Perhaps we want to just be stimulated and enjoy. I get it. So, though some of the things I express are quite simple, a great majority of my work is enjoyed by the ‘Thinker’, I believe. I would never ask if you ‘like’ it. I am more concerned about how it makes you FEEL and what it inspires you to DO. Quietly, I fear a world where the artist would have to explain every color and shape of a piece to the viewer. Or a comic would have to teach his punch line. What does it all mean? I guess, the wonderful think about symbology in art is that you don’t have to understand it nor like it. And if you don’t like it, you don’t have to remain silent about it. One can protest or recreate it or simply be inspired to create an original piece. It is art. It is free. And once it is put into the world, it no longer belongs to the artist. consequently, sometimes the artist’s object is to create dialogue. The challenge of the artist is to honestly reflect his/her thoughts onto the work itself. I accept this challenge. This statement is formless ness. But hey, it is art. Like it or not. – Erykah Badu

…………. Let the Church say AMEN!


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