The Black Rage

Most days I feel powerfully empowered, then other days I find myself constantly worried about the world. It is 2014, about to be 2015, and the optimist in me would like to think that we have evolved, progressed and are in a much better place than we were 50 years ago. But then an event like the recent Michael Brown killing happens, and I find my heart beating so quickly I can hear it in my trembling fingers. There are so many things I wish for this world, my world. There are so many people I want to see succeed pass what is expected of them. But then, the constant reminder of our unequalness, our otherness, forgetting oneness, makes me hate the human kind. I’ve been trying to read as many positive pieces of literature and listen to as many uplifting songs that I can so that my faith will be revived. I need to stay focused on the task at hand. L-Boogie is one such influential creative soul that keeps me glued to my thoughts. Black Rage is a reminder that until we are all seen and treated as equals, the rage will continue. I dedicate this beautiful and insightful piece to everyone searching for ‘peace’.



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