Man Crush Monday: ‘Very Smart Brothas – VSB’

While I do have a deep fascination and appreciation for tall chocolatey black men, the most attractive and sexy trait on a man is his intelligence and ambition. I love talking to men about their views on a wide range of topics, and although we might differ, I embrace their varying opinions once they express them respectfully. With that said, let me introduce you to my ‘boys’, the enlightened, funny, smart and articulate men of VSB aka


“VSB is a daily digital magazine offering commentary, essay, and humor about news, pop culture, race, and sex. Founded in 2008 by Damon Young, Panama Jackson, and Liz Burr as a culture blog, VSB has won numerous awards and has cultivated a sizable community with its unique brand of witty and irreverent content from Young and Jackson. With help from a grant from the Pittsburgh-based Heinz Endowments, VSB expanded from blog to magazine in 2014.”

In the mornings while I am checking my emails, cell phone messages and drinking coffee, I check the VSB site to see what my loves have posted. Their insight into politics, pop culture and social issues keep me glued to the screen. I am one of their biggest fans and I love how they are able to maintain a good balance that allows others from different socioeconomic experiences to find them relatable. I’ve been following them for a few years now and I love how they have really developed their site’s content. From the Bill Cosby saga, to Ferguson, Love & Hip Hop, #BringBackOurGirls and street harassment, Very Smart Brothas are entertaining, thought-provoking and insightful, hilarious and my man crushes EVERYDAY. Check them out here, and let me know what you think of my hunnies.



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