Janelle Monae is Bae

When I mentor young girls, I try to use examples from pop culture to portray my message of self-love. When I speak to them about self-esteem and being comfortable in one’s skin, Janelle Monae is ALWAYS at the top of the list of examples I would like them to draw from. Miss Monae is a great artist, and her “weirdness”, as she calls it, never comes across as a mask, but rather reveals her to be authentic.

The self professed android, is drop dead gorgeous and exudes an aura of a Queen. She is smart, articulate and a near perfect role model for young girls searching for their place in this world. Last week, the Cover Girl model and #GirlsCan spokesperson appeared on The Queen Latifah show to surprise ten year old female fan, McKynzie, who looks up to her. Monae’s words to McKynzie were simple yet powerful. “You don’t have to be perfect…you are enough.”

In a society that spotlights overly sexualised images of black women for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Janelle Monae’s presence is a welcomed breath of fresh air.  The electric lady is not only a ‘bae’ but also a #prettybadass. Check out her Queen Latifah Show appearance and interview below.


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