ackee & saltfish – Ep 1 ‘Define Us Without Lauryn’

I dare you not to laugh at these two ridiculousness. Olivia and Rachel are two fools, but one is more fool than the other, and I just LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE them. If ever you were to be a fly on the wall of a conversation between my friends and I you would honestly wonder to yourself if we were a day over the age of 10. We make very little sense. To be honest, we make zero sense. Close friendships allow you to be as childish, petty and emotional as you want to be. They provide the space for you to just be you without judgment. Ackee and Saltfish go together like Rice and Peas,  Bread and Cheese, and sand at a beach. Two different things with a common and cohesive connection. And just like things that go together, there can also be major friction than can shift the bonds that bind  ……………….. like Lauryn Hill concert tickets.

Check out episode one of the web series below, and if you haven’t as yet, watch the short film that inspired the series here.


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