Race Jones – Blacker Than Black

Veronika Bozeman has one of the most distracting faces I have ever seen in my life. I recently discovered the song and video for ‘Race Jones’ and I just found myself totally entangled not only in the powerful lyrics, but the visual that accompanied the haunting song. As you are probably aware, I am a serial ‘liker’, which means once I like something I am very likely to lose myself in it. Yeah, I am trying to work on that personality trait. Anyway, back to what I was saying. Race Jones is that song that unapologetically addresses blackness; its definition, its function and the often times struggle to accept and love what is inherently you. I wish being black was just as simple as brushing your teeth, rather than the internal discomfort that most of us will experience in our lives. There is no one definition of blackness, but there are certain similarities that I think we must be willing to accept in order to fully define what it is.


V. Bozeman is Timbaland’s newest artist, and I am super excited to see what she brings to the table. I’ve been cooping her Facebook and Instagram since discovering her over the weekend, and I am not going to lie, she might be in the top 5 most beautiful black women EVER. I am not one to value another woman’s looks above her talent, but Jesus Christ, for her to speak about blackness while wearing all the beautiful black that she is, I just find the whole thing enchanting. I am here for it. I am lost in all of it.

So check out Race Jones and tell me what you think.

ps and if V looks familiar to you, then it is probably for this beautiful song and video by Timothy Bloom that she is featured in here. How does Jesus even sculpt beings like this?

Blacker than being burned and I still didn’t crack cracker
I’m already black as hell and I’m coming out even blacker
Blacker the right blacker the wrong
A work in progress a work of art
but my black is not painted on it’s the way I was born


I also like ‘The Visitor’ which was released in 2012.

A Visitor is forever evolving, always moving constantly to experience and attain supernatural highs that only God and the Universe can give. The Visitor is not a person place or thing. Its an action, an Idea a powerful moving force.

The lady is pure FYAH.


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