I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my shit

The path to moguldum is no joke. You must remain focus, and you will have to make some very hard sacrifices. The struggle is real.

Now that I am fully self-employed, I have found it extremely difficult to manage/balance all the tasks that I have to get done. While I love what I do, I keep searching for ways to make my day-to-day routine easier, which causes me to make changes regularly to my work schedule and structure. One of the biggest tasks I have faced is separating ‘Linisa, the writer’ from ‘Linisa – the entrepreneur’. Although they work in tandem with each other, I want both personalities to exist separately.  It is for that reason why BGRmag and Art.Culture.Antigua operate under the umbrella of my company BGR Media and Communications Inc. ‘Linisa – the writer’ has her own personal space. To reflect this transition, I’ve deleted all the previous images on my Instagram to start again with a clear more calculated social presence. I know a lot of people complain about social media accounts giving false impressions of an individual’s life, but for me and what I want to achieve, I have to be deliberate with what I post. I am a writer. I want people to read my work, and I have sucked royally over the past two years at  getting my content out as I should. Next year I will be releasing two books. One should have been released this December, but I got caught up doing ‘business’ as opposed to ‘creating’. It is therefore indicative that I begin to connect with potential readers from now. I need to get back into my creative writing. Over the past year, my focus has been on feature writing for my websites and magazine. I got stuck doing business, which while a good thing, has pulled me further away from the thing that motivated my whole journey into entrepreneurship. This is why I have declared that ‘I’m a writer’. You see if you say something often enough, it is just a matter of time before you fully embrace and become it. I am a writer before I am anything else. I found my voice on the many pages of black and white composition books and strips of paper laying around that I could quickly grab and scribble whatever thoughts were floating around in my head at the time. I’m a writer. Everything else I have taken on is spillage from that. I miss writing. I miss that naked release of pure ecstasy that comes with letting it all hang out. I am an emotional writer, comfortable with digging deep to find meaning. Regardless of what is going on right now, I am journeying back to that raw expression of creativity.

So here is what is going to happen. I will be leaving this wordpress and pointing my website to another space (I’ve posted a few preview images of my new home). My Instagram will reflect a more creative and open me, from images to text and quotes. I won’t be sharing as much of my social life as I did before, but rather that platform will be used as a storyboard. I will also be blogging more at BGRmag (blackgirlinthering.com).

I said I wanted to own my own magazine: I have that. I said I wanted to own my own media company by 35: I have that at 34. I am a writer: I need to show you that. So here I go ………. changing direction ………………………. again.





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