My Curvy Fit Club Antigua 5-week challenge

Today began my five-week journey with  Curvy Fit Club Antigua. My first challenge was to complete a 5k. Guess what? I did it – albeit with pains and aches, but I finished none the less. I’ve already received my meal and work-out plans for the week and I am excited to get going. This isn’t about losing weight, but rather about feeling ‘well’ in the body I occupy, which is something I haven’t felt right about in over two years.

As a self-employed person and business owner, my work schedule is hectic, and it has been difficult for me to eat on time and workout. Some days I’m so wired to work that I’ve forgotten to eat. I know you must also be wondering why take up such a challenge right before Christmas. This journey is about creating a ‘well’ and better me, and there is never a better time than to do just that like right now. Christmas will be a test to see how committed I am to achieving my healthy goals, and I don’t intend to fail.

From tomorrow I will be sharing this five-week process via my social media pages – Facebook @linisag, Instagram, and here on my blog.

I’m about to kick ass, and work on one at the same time. Wish me luck!


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